The Alcardo Andrews Foundation (AAF) was established in Hanover Park in 2015 in honor of a young man who lost his life through gang violence.

Before he passed, he was desperate to bring about change in the Hanover Park community and often engaged with the gangsters and young people in the area with the hope that they would mend their ways.

With his passion for people, he dreamt of a peaceful and safe community without gangsterism.

Moms Move for Justice

The pillars of Alcardo Andrews Foundation:


This programme was developed to support mothers who have lost their sons and daughters to gang violence and crime in Hanover Park. It provides psycho-social support for mothers to progress from a point of pain to healing and purpose. Our general belief is that mothers need healing and support in order to be the nurturer and support for their families after they’ve experience such tragedy and trauma. 

We also provide: court support to families attending court for varying reasons related to violence in our communities; house-visits with families and; healing dialogues in Hanover Park and other communities. 




This programme provides the support structure for young people that have either dropped out of school, are in need of mentoring and tutoring or young people that are in need of expression and healing. 

We support young people as young as 8 years old that have experienced gang violence, experience gang life, gender based violence young people that are under-performing in schools and young people that have dropped out of school for any of the above or other reasons.


We provide: feeding; one-on-one mentoring and tutoring; arts based expression and workshops such as jewellery making, dancing, and other forms of art which allows young people to speak about their emotions and transition to a place of healing and support and; other forms of psycho-social support. 


We also provide support and referrals for young people that have experienced gender based violence, including rape and molestation. 



This programme provides direct psycho-social support and parent training for the fathers of children that have experienced gang violence, crime and gender based violence in Hanover Park.


Fathers that have suffered from the above, never mind the incremental intergenerational trauma of being persons of colour in South Africa, are in need of support and healing.


All fathers that have participated in this programme are currently playing a role in actively supporting their children, each other and the community of Hanover Park to shift 

and transform violent behaviour. They have become role models actively changing our community to heal and work together against the recurrence of these violations against others.


Our food project aims to assist those in Hanover Park who are in need of support. Due to Covid-19 we are currently  feeding up to 600 people daily,  Our Backabuddy campaign  will support the Foundation to keep their daily feeding programme running to provide relief to those people in Hanover Park who are facing extreme hunger, and who desperately need this support. 


With Your support, the Foundation will also be able to provide people in need with food parcels that could sustain one family for at least a week. This is a much-needed gap in our communities on the Cape Flats.


These funds will be used to bulk purchase food items needed for the daily preparation of meals, including fruit and vegetables, and various items for the family food parcels.